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🌟Photo Shoot w/ Girl Scouts 

Hi Ladies! Guess what? Ladies First is being offered a women’s empowerment photo shoot with Girl Scouts of Western Washington and we will be featured on a billboard downtown Tacoma. #253 🌟 We get to create our own guest list of middle school, high school and undergraduate Ladies First members to join us in the billboard ad. Are you interested in participating? If so we are shooting February 19th at 1:45pm in DuPont at the Girl Scouts headquarters but we’ll meetup with some girls in Lakewood and caravan to DuPont. Let us know if you are in! Email 

*update* ✨Grateful these #queens came out for a fun photoshoot w/ Girl Scouts of Western Washington. *Images from the shoot will go up on billboards around #Tacoma. TY, GSWW! 💚

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