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• Become a Guest Speaker/Mentor •

We believe in the power of mentorship and, for years, have worked to engage women and girls in long-lasting, transformative mentor relationships. Our guest speakers have become trusted advisors and sources of guidance and wisdom for all of our members.

As a mentor, you’re not only giving back to the community by ensuring young leaders are prepared for the future, you’re also developing skills as a teacher, manager, consultant and strategist.

✨ Ladies First meets at two sites:

  • Wednesday Lunch @ Stadium High School
  • Friday Morning @ First Creek Middle School

2016 & 2017 Scheduled Speakers:

  1. January 13 – Marguerite Giguere, Entrepreneur & Realtor
  2. January 20 – Rhonda Johnson-Dove, Mrs. Lakewood America 
  3. January 22 – Jaleesa Trapp, STEM Educator
  4. January 27 – Jaleesa Trapp, STEM Educator 
  5. February 3 – Trinh Nguyen, Fashion Blogger + 2nd Yr. College Student
  6. February 10 – Cassandra Williams, Executive Director of CASIA
  7. February 17 – Keryn Giguere, Realtor
  8. February 19 – Amanda Scott-Thomas, Director of Community Partnerships, Academic Equity & Achievement
  9. February 24 – Allison Kalalau, Stay-at-Home Mom
  10. February 26 – Karen Vialle, Director of Tacoma Public Schools
  11. March 4 – Lizbeth Garza, Account Executive for Staples Business Decision + Mom of 4
  12. March 11 – Denise McCluskey, University Place City Council Member
  13. March 16 – Melannie Cunningham, PLU Admissions Director 
  14. March 23 – Amanda Scott-Thomas, Director of Community Partnerships, Academic Equity & Achievement of Tacoma Public Schools
  15. March 30 – Sarah Bridgeford, The Fund for Women and Girls Program Manager
  16. April 13 – Tammy Pitre, Senior Statewide Workforce Planning and Strategy Specialist 
  17. May 4 – Denise McCluskey, University Place City Council Member
  18. May 6 – Sara Irish, Community Organizer with Stand for Children
  19. May 18 – Joelle Hanton, Local Artist
  20. October 28 – Lizbeth Garza, Account Executive for Staples Business Decision + Mom of 4
  21. Nov 9 – Lizbeth Garza, Account Executive for Staples Business Decision + Mom of 4
  22. Nov 30 – Kelsey Fischer, YWCA Pierce County
  23. Dec 14 – Tauna Shoemaker, Entrepreneur 
  24. Jan 18 (2017) – Michelle Ha, Lincoln High School Community Liaison 
  25. Jan 20-  Kakela Hall, Founder of KD Hall Communications
  26. Jan 25 – Kelsey Fischer, YWCA Pierce County 
  27. Feb 8 – Flora Nobles, Cancer Survivor + Juvenille Probation Officer
  28. Feb 22 – Ashley Jackson, Actress + Performer 
  29. Mar 15 – Karen Vialle, Director of Tacoma Public Schools
  30. Mar 17 – Charissa Bacon, Miss Pierce Ciunty’s Outstanding Teen 2017
  31. Mar 22 – Charissa Bacon, Miss Pierce County’s Outstanding Teen 2017

    Also, Author & Military Veteran Jamicka Edwards, Momprenuer Holland Cohen, Councilmember Victoria Woodards, Community Organizer Carmetrus Parker, Stand for Children’s Liesl Santkuyl, and many more inspirational women from our community! 

    Ladies, if you are interested in being a guest speaker for middle school or high school young women please message me or look for an email/message invite from Ladies First. We’d love to get you on our guest speaker calendar! #ladiesfirst #empoweringwomen

    Ladies First is a club for young women in Tacoma. We hold weekly meetings that focus on female empowerment, leadership, career development, college readiness, sisterhood, community service and so much more. We usually meet once a week at various club sites/schools all school year long as well as attend field trips that help establish positive relationships amongst club members and with women and girls in our community.

    This school year we have a retreat planned, skating, shopping, and a tea party as part of our off-campus trips.

    Yes, it is ok if you did not go to college or follow a “traditional” passion path. We like to expose our members to women who are entrepreneurs, innovative and have created a life they love. Not all of our members want to go to college but listening to your story could help them see a clearer path for their future. We need our members to see the many paths to living a passionate life.

    Mentor Resources: 

    1. The New Meaning of Workplace Mentorship
    2. The Modern Mentor

    2 thoughts on “• Become a Guest Speaker/Mentor •

      1. Hey sis! We would love to have you! We always need speakers! We have two options: Fridays at First Creek Middle School 8am-8:45 or Wednesdays at Stadium High School 10:30-12:15.

        April is pretty open! April 1, 20, 22, 27 or 29. When you select your date, keep in mind Friday 8am, Wednesday 10:30am. Thank you so much!

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