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My Powerful Gymnast 🤸🏾‍♀️

Being a Sports Mom is a tough job. I lose many of my evenings and weekends year-round. During the summer months, gymnastics, golf, and football practices are earlier in the day which means I lose a bit of my morning prep time too. I’m an early bird so I still get a couple of uninterrupted morning hours for coffee, gym time, devotionals, yoga, or emails. But still…being a Sports Mom is a true commitment.

And sports are sooooo expensive!! I think my pockets literally hurt, y’all. 😭😭😭 There’s a fee for everything – hats, t-shirts, leotards, competitions, transportation, auctions, cleats, grips, gloves…YOU NAME IT!! Who comes up with this stuff? So much of my “side hustle fund” pays for my children to live their best lives. Please tell me y’all can relate.

But, #tbh, I wouldn’t trade this life for anything. I could complain all day about the resources I choose to invest in my children. But I would not be sharing my whole heart. I’m privileged and grateful to experience my children’s gifts and talents on a daily basis.

As a child, I did not have an opportunity to participate in team sports or recreational sports until high school. Our family life was completely unstable and we simply could not afford it – not in time or dollars.

The life I offer my children is far more joy and cheers than inconvenience and whining. I mean, look at my girl! ♥️

She is so powerful, graceful, and talented. She has a team of coaches who truly care about her growth as an athlete and a child of God. She and her coaches spend at least 16 hours a week perfecting skills in the gym. My girl has been a competitive gymnast with the same team for nine years and her coaches and teammates have become her extended family. I am grateful they are all a part of our village.

I pray my daughter, my powerful gymnast, feels loved and supported by her gym family, community, and biological family, including me, her Sports Mom. I pray she continues to work hard at what she loves and understands I will always be there for the wins and the lessons no matter how many weekends, evenings, or mornings it costs me. ♥️ To be her mother is truly priceless. My final prayer is that she is working for the Lord – for He is the ultimate One she is serving. Amen.

Colossians 3:23-24


Sports Mom

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