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Week on Whidbey Island ☀️

This summer I ventured to a beautiful red cabin with a private beach for a week-long mixture of rest & relaxation as well as my daily work responsibilities. I’ll tell you what, virtual work weeks are a lot better with family, a beach, kayaks, hikes, local food, fresh crab and backyard barbecues. Of course a mask was in tow when we ventured off the property, and we still had a wonderful time.

Here are photos (and a few videos) from my time away visiting Whidbey Island, Coupeville, Fort Casey Historical State Park, and Deception Pass State Park!

Well, HELLO, there! [t-shirt from godisdope.com]
You can take the big kid out of Fircrest, but she’s still a big kid. Weeeeee!!!
Sunnies, water bottle, & sunshine ☀️
Stay hydrated, my friends!
On top of the world (or a stack of sticks) type of vibe!
This was the coolest fort!
We woke up to this view every morning.
The tide was out so we went exploring.
Hey girlfriends! You get a mask break to kayak!
I loved the water even on the cloudy days.
This is my view.
Early morning kayak with the best natural sounds.
My adventure buddy!
Just out here exploring beautiful nature.
Marine biologist spectacles. 🤓 [hat from supportblackcolleges.org]
I am a self-proclaimed marine biologist.
Full disclosure…I taught her how to kayak while we were away.
I really enjoyed kayaking. This was a cool “parked” shot.
Oh, hey pup!
If I’m wearing my hiking boots we are definitely adventuring.
Long hike near Deception Pass State Park!
Fresh catch of the day!
Our neighbor Eric caught crab and we learned how to cook crab outside.
Who is coming for breakfast?
Just a girl and her hammock at sunrise!
Hey friends! Want to watch a gorgeous sunset?
Told ya it was gorgeous!
What might she be reflecting on?
Afternoon Views!!
This was our daily exercise.
On top of the world, girl!
Let me see your power pose!
I have such a deep love for this hammock.
Gotta keep my balance!
We had the best time kayaking.
Of course a final selfie in a local boutique.

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