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Suncadia Resort 2021: Photo Diary

Let’s get this show on the road. Suncadia Resort, here we come.
Work hard. Rest harder.
Fireside in the mountains.
Well hello, Suncadia neighbors!
Let’s drive to the beach. ☀️
Sweatshirt: Tacoma, WA
Not quite a city girl. I have a love affair with mountain ranges.
A walk on the wild side.
My God, nature is a beaut.
I don’t need my Calm app out here. That’s for sure.
There was a snow storm our first night at the resort. I love being able to go from the beach to snow in just minutes – during Spring. 🌷
Not quite a snow angel but I couldn’t resist playing in the snow.
Mama Mayor ♥️
I’ll give you a moment to just marvel.
I like long walks on the beach. IRL
Spring swim in the mountains? Yes, please.
Ok, maybe just a 97 degree hot tub in 40 degree weather.
Hey Boo!! 😍
And a little spa treatment. I earned it.
“Came through dripping – drip drip.”
Road trips = the BEST!
And when I’m in the mountains…I wear my hiking boots with everything.
Alright, show’s over, friends.
This little trip was brought to you by the Mayor and the Senator. Until next time… ♥️

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