Community Engagement

Ask For The Raise πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

There are many unique challenges when it comes to negotiating pay. It is important to acknowledge and truly know your worth within the work that you do, be assertive, and be transparent with the request being made.

In most cases, a lot of people work tremendously more for what they are being paid and don’t make the request to receive a pay increase. A raise is not supposed to be viewed as a favor or gift; it is a way for employers to pay fair market value for the work one does; if you’re being underpaid, there is nothing holding one back to go and find another job that will pay better.

When asking for a raise, it has external benefits that go beyond the money aspect. Negotiating a raise gives your self-esteem a required boost, reminds your boss how hard you work, can give you the reality check that you need, and can start a conversation about career acceleration.

πŸ“² Watch the recorded presentation here.

Please drop any questions in the comments. I’ll be sure to try and answer. πŸ’“ xoxo, T’wina

I’m happy to present this information to your company, group of friends, or team members who need to be reminded that those who ask for more will more often receive more. Ask for the raise. Get the bag.

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