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Anniversary Picnic 🍋 Date

This week we are celebrating our third wedding anniversary. It has been quite the marriage journey. Perhaps you remember our engagement announcement or dreamy wedding ceremony and reception. If not, take a look at the linked memories.

Ceremonial wedding events are just that – ceremonial. The real work of love and marriage happens when the fresh bouquets of flowers and loving crowds of people are nowhere to be found. The work happens during vulnerable, late night pillow talk conversations or when you work through heartbreaking unmet expectations. The work happens during forgiveness and letting go of things so you can actually enjoy your relationship.

Marriage is challenging. It’s a choice. Each unique couple has to decide if it’s worth choosing love each day. Every wedding anniversary we have celebrated, I have been blown away by how much we have overcome and how many times we have chosen each other.

To kickoff our celebration, I planned a Sunshine 🍋🍊 Lemonade Picnic as a pre-anniversary date and an opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come and how much further we want to travel together. Thank you to local, small business Good Friends Events for the incredibly elegant design and execution of an enchanting picnic date with my love. ♥️

God, we are thankful for 14 years of friendship, 9 years of romance, 3 years of marriage, and a lifetime serving You.

Comment with your best marriage advice.

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