Invest in Ladies First

Often we are asked, “How can I get involved?” or “I want to contribute. Where can I send a check?”

Ladies First is a business that partners with non-profit organizations who are passionate about serving and empowering women and girls.  This changes the dynamics for donating, although believe us, we won’t stop you.  We have lots of ways to invest in Ladies First and below is a list of areas you can aid our work:

-Want to mail a donation? Mail a donation to: Ladies First, PO Box 422, Tacoma, WA 98401. 

-Want to donate and/or host a workshop for women and girls within our community? Ladies First offers Body-Image Sessions, We Come Together Team Building, and/or a series of  workshops for organizations, businesses, groups, and/or community members!

-Want to help with our yearly programming supplies? We are always in need of additional supplies for our ladies; pens, pencils, journals, binders, markers, paints, colored pencils, printing, etc.  Our young ladies participate in art workshops, journaling, as well as several other activities.  Your contributions could go a long way!

-Want to support a Ladies First Field Trip?  Every year we take our ladies on a variety of field trips to educate them on an array of different topics. We are limited in this capacity, as we do not have a formal form of transportation for them but we have taken our ladies to see documentaries and places to discuss topics on women’s empowerment in an outdoor setting. Your contribution can be in several forms; have an activity you would aid our girls in participating in? Host a space which introduces our girls to a new environment?  Do you have forms of transportation you would like to donate?  We would be truly grateful and our girls would most definitely appreciate it!

-Want to get Ladies First Wear for our girls?  Our ladies are proud to be members of Ladies First and often ask if we will have t-shirts or sweatshirts available. Sponsor an order of t-shirts for an entire club/school of 20 members.

-Want to contribute to funding Ladies First professional development?  We do all we can to stay up-to-date on women’s issues and take several training courses in our positions outside of this business but there is always more to learn.  We want to continue to take our workshops, trainings, and programming to the next level to offer the best to our participants and to our local community.

-Want to be a guest speaker at one of our Ladies First Sessions?  We have had many guest speakers from Mayor Marilyn Strickland, Champion for Change recipient Erin Jones, Tacoma CouncilwomanVictoria Woodards, Rockstar Realtor Marguerite Gigure, School Board Director Karen Vialle and many more women throughout the Puget Sound.  We are always interested having people share their stories to our ladies.  You never know who needs to hear it!

-Want to volunteer with Ladies First? Extra hands make lighter work.  If you have a niche that you think would aid us, please let us know!

If any of these should interest you, or you would like to contribute to our general funding, please contact us at:  Thank you!  


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