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SXSW: Young, Black Dynamic Leaders on Thriving Community

To face today’s biggest challenges, we’ll need dynamic, collaborative leaders that build bridges to make greater impact. I have a vision of how we can move our communities forward, and with your help, I can get to SXSW 2023 to share it!

Action Alert 🚨I’m competing to host a @SXSW 2023 panel on dynamic, Black leadership and I need your support!

Can I count on your vote?

Dynamic, authentic leadership leads to thriving communities. Drawing on their collective experience as elected officials, philanthropists, and from the NFL, attendees will hear from young Black leaders on how dynamic leadership leads to greater service, greater innovation, and ultimately thriving communities.

Speakers will share how having the courage to be dynamic – elected official and parent and philanthropist and pro athlete – is their superpower, and one that benefits us all.

And, in an era where communities are craving more authentic representation, yet often rewarding performance and perception over authenticity, speakers will discuss how we all benefit when we allow our leaders to be real.


  1. How to be bravely authentic when performance and perception, and being who people think you should be, is too often rewarded.
  2. How courageous, authentic leadership that spans industries drives positive change in our communities.
  3. How to practice dynamic, collaborative leadership, build bridges, and make greater impact.


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