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Partnership with YMCA Sisterhood

So often women are seen battling one another for the prize, whatever that prize may be. We see it in movies, television series, news updates and articles, and we hear it in our everyday lives. When does the fighting stop?  

Ladies First is dedicated to proving that we are beyond the status quo. We want to be better than what others expect of us. With this in mind we initiated a partnership with another female program called Sisterhood, run through the YMCA.  

It is Sisterhood’s and Ladies First’s goal to provide the best possible programming we can for young ladies. Being that we are only two programs and a total of three facilitators, we wanted to maximize our chances to reach as many ladies and change as many lives as possible. 

Through our collaboration, we make sure that we are never doing programming at the same time and are doing in-school or after school on different days. This allows us to reach ladies multiple days out of the week, giving continual support. We want to create safe environments for our ladies.  

Middle School and High School are extreme times of transition in adolescence. For ladies they are learning how to conduct and prepare themselves for the rest of our lives. Ladies First and Sisterhood hope to empower young ladies to become change agents in their communities. Our programs plan on coming together to write grants and seek funding to support our young women.  

If you are interested in supporting our efforts email us at: Ladies1stOrg@gmail.com

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