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Ladies First is taking our campaign to change the view of body-image viral.  Our goal is to take the idea of BeautyIs_____ to the next level and let women everywhere dissect what their inner thoughts of beauty really are.  We are encouraging women in our lives to take pictures of themselves, with paper saying “BeautyIs____” and filling in the blank & sharing it with us on our social media sites (@Ladies1stOrg). Our hope is to get women and girls to challenge the status quo and change the skewed view that mainstream media has portrayed as beauty. With your help we can succeed!

How can you support the cause?

1) Do you know a group of women who you think would want to get involved? Get everyone to write on a piece of paper the #BeautyIs and then have them fill in their own definition.  Next have each individual take a picture of themselves holding their own unique definition.  After all of this, send the picture to Ladies1stOrg@gmail.com or tag us on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/Ladies1stOrg) or on Twitter @Ladies1stOrg.

2) Share this page with your list servers and promote the campaign.

3) Speak to ladies of all ages that you know and let them know that they are beautiful! It is important for us to spread the word and for women to understand what #BeautyIs.


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