What's New with T'wina

Ladies First Founder Leads Writing Camp for Girls

Research shows that expressive writing decreases depression, anxiety, anger and distress. Our camp will help young girls write and say things others may read and listen to. This camp will connect young girls and women for an experience that will help to process feelings and clarify thoughts while also developing self-confidence and strong writing strategies. In partnership with Tacoma Urban League, Ladies First Co-Founder, T’wina Franklin, will lead this camp for middle school girls. Topics will include: 

  • writing for healing (making sense of feelings and coping with trauma)
  • writing for expression and to be listened to (finding one’s voice)
  • writing for publication (blogging, books, essays, etc) or privacy (journaling)
  • spoken word
  • visual art

GWP ExpressiveWriting final2 2015

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