Community Engagement

Social Media Girl

Ladies First facilitated a community conversation on social networking, digital communication and technology. Our members shared their social media/texting experiences with parents and students at Tacoma Public Schools’ Family & Community Learning Academy. Our conversation encouraged families to identify safe and appropriate ways for girls to connect with peers and engage in academic opportunities. 

Utilizing our Girls Circle curriculum at Tacoma Public Schools’ Family & Community Learning Academy, we facilitated a conversation that depicted the positive and not-so-positive uses of social networking including those that are dangerous. We also explored the social-emotional impact on those involved in situations where social networking is used poorly. Girls and parents had an opportunity to share their own experiences and exchange ideas for preventing or protecting themselves and their peers.

Purpose of the session:

· To explore texting and social networking and how technology impacts girls’ relationships with self, friends, school mates, and strangers

· To explore the positive, not-so-positive, and risky social-emotional activities in the technological world

· To promote empathy and awareness in regard to the impact of digital communication on girls an their peers

· To share their own stories about online or cell phone/texting experiences

· To identify safe ways for girls to connect with their peers in the virtual and digital world

Source: Girls Circle “Wise & Well” Curriculum Guide


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