What's New with Ladies First

Podcast: MoveToTacoma.com 

Checkout this rad MoveToTacoma.com podcast + blog post on Ladies First + #publiceducation.

LISTEN HERE >>> Full Podcast Link: http://www.movetotacoma.com/podcasts/university-place-schools-tacoma-public-schools-and-the-ladies-first-program-with-twina-franklin/

Photo: Founder T’wina Franklin attending her first school board meeting as Board Director (Dec 2015)

Show Notes 

  • McCleary vs. Washington State. T’wina explains the state Supreme Court decision in the McCleary vs. State of Washington regarding funding for schools. There was also a legislative decision to reduce the number of children within classrooms, which means adding more classrooms.
  • Advice. T’wina’s advice is whenever you are planning to move somewhere new with children, check out what the best schools in the area are that have what you want and then decide what area you need to live in for your children to be able to attend one of those schools. Then go look at houses or apartments for sale in that area.
  • Ladies First. Ladies First is a mentor program at Stadium High School, First Creek Middle School and now working with Tacoma Urban League to start a program at Oakland High School. It started in response to problems First Creek was facing with young women and relationships and it has now turned into a business. They received a grant of $70,000 from the City of Tacoma for two years and a grant ffrom the Fund for Women and Girls for 5 years. T’wina and colleagues then turned this program into a business.

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