Community Engagement

#MakeBlackCount Townhall

20 years into the new millennium, National Urban League President Marc Morial has called all Urban League CEOs to lead with force, passion, and purpose on a number of issues that will shape the next several decades, and even the entire century. This post highlights his powerful message.WE MUST FOCUS!

1. Ensure meaningful participation, and a complete count in the 2020 Census. Our “Make Black Count” campaign will provide strategic direction as the National Urban League has convened, energized, and led the Black Census Roundtable.

Continue to engage and lead efforts at the local level to ensure a complete count in the 2020 Census which will begin this spring, and continue to the middle of the summer.2. We must also focus on ensuring that all are registered and energized to vote. What is at stake? DEMOCRACY is at stake. The direction of the Supreme Court, and all lower federal courts, including those in your community are at stake. The battle for the soul of democracy, and whether we can count on the Justice Department to aggressively fight back against voter suppression, voter dilution, hate crimes, and gerrymandering is also at stake. Urban Leaguers cannot stand on the side but must actively, aggressively, and unapologetically provide leadership on these critical issues.WE MUST LEAD!Our voices are needed in the community, in social media, in our places of worship, and among our civic and social groups to energize, motivate, and direct our community to BE COUNTED in the CENSUS and TURN OUT TO VOTE in 2020.

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