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Birthday x Wishes

I truly love having a December birthday. It’s always the perfect opportunity to not only celebrate another year around the sun, but it’s an even better opportunity to reflect on my blessings and thank God for the ways He showed up for me month after month and day after day. ♥️

2021 started with my swearing-in to the Washington State Senate and concluded with coast to coast travel with family, old friends, and brand new friends. In the middle of it all, I faced my own adversities and heartbreaks. Let me tell you something. Life happens to all of us. But I’ve managed to learn to survive with faith, therapy, dear friends and family, and relentless honesty with myself. And I keep moving forward. Moments and seasons can be soooo tough. But the BEST is yet to come.

In the middle of my December travel, I had an amazing experience celebrating a milestone birthday with so many of the friends and family members who help me enjoy and survive life’s ups and downs. I am so blessed to be surrounded by incredible people who love me, love each other, and love the community beside and around us. We serve this city together and I’ll forever cherish the memories and history we make together.

I am excited for 2022 and all that it has in store for us all. Yes, you too! 😘 My forever birthday wish is that we conquer the challenges and successes of the new year with our heads held high and with the knowledge that we are in this together – always.

Happy New Year. Be Blessed. ✨

Enjoy the photos of my birthday dinner – captured by none other than Kariba Photography. A HUGE thanks to Pressed Diamond Entertainment for the event design and planning. And thank you to newly opened Stanford’s Tacoma for hosting us so graciously.

xoxo, T’wina

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