First Creek Middle School

Our beautiful Latina friend, Lizbeth, stopped by with delicious KIND bars and a powerful message. 

•Always be KIND to one another. 

•Set your dreams and don’t let them go.

•You need people in your inner circle who believe in you. 

•Understanding different cultures will help you understand other people. 

•Don’t hold in your voice. 

•You can break boundaries! 

You got this ladies!


Our First Creek Middle School Members

Lizbeth with Ladies First members Hannah, Abigail and Daisy.
Lizbeth sharing her story.
Real talk with just us ladies.

Getting to know you & setting expectations

Ladies First is up and running at First Creek Middle School. It is an exciting time for facilitators, T’wina Franklin and Tasha Church. We have a co-facilitator-in-training from our YMCA Eagle Center partners, Mrs. Fahren Johnson, and we are thrilled that she is so eager to take part in the Ladies First experience. Returning students have been waiting since last school year and new students to our program have been waiting for weeks for us to get started! Our first day is always dedicated to mapping out expectations for our ladies and our program. Above and below are a few that we focused on. So proud of our students to actively engage in voicing what they expect from others in Ladies First! Continue to check this page for First Creek updates!

What is friendship to you?
We have different types of friends. Friends support us, help us, and love us no matter what. Friends share common interests, but can also have very different ones, too. Being a friend doesn’t always mean living near each other. Some friends are all the way across the country, or even the world! Many girls also know what it’s like to know someone who doesn’t act like a very good friend, and to have friendships end. It’s important to BE a good friend, even if your friends aren’t being good friends themselves. Do what you would want them to do for you in return. Call your friends and chat about your day, or the great book you just read. Make friendship bracelets and give them to your friends for their birthday. Make time for your friends and they will appreciate your friendship. (New Moon Girls Media: What is Friendship to you?)




What does it mean to defend yourself?
Self Defense Day: stretches, stance, Aikido walk, beginner wrist attacks and defense

Student Guest Speaker, Diajurae
What happens when you are involved with bullying? Diajurae shared her story and how she wished she handled the situation differently. Watch here:

What We Learn from Women and Girls
Many schools observe Women’s History Month as a way to highlight contributions women have made in the past. This lesson encourages you to help students explore the positive impact of girls and women on their own lives and communities today. Lesson here:

Being a Girl
•Highlighting the advantages of being a girl
•Taking pride in being female
•Acknowledging and accepting differences

This week in Ladies First @ First Creek Middle School our theme was {Being a Girl}. We journaled about our favorite thing about being a girl and what gives us pride in being female. We also made poster board collages using different types of media to express ourselves. Oh, and we nibbled on yummy Valentine’s Day snacks. QOTD: “I can trust my friends. These people force me to examine myself and encourage me to grow.” -Cher









2 thoughts on “First Creek Middle School

  1. I would like to know if this is for only the schools listed. I have a 8th grade daughter at Jason Lee that could benefit from being part of a positive group. She is a lovely young lady looking for positive role models and new friends, That she isn’t necessarily getting at her own school.

    1. Hi there! Sorry for the delayed response. We offer school year programming at specific sites but our community events and summer camps are for girls across Pierce County. Your daughter is welcome to participate in our free, week-long summer camp August 13-19 right here in Tacoma. If you are interested I can add your daughter to our pre-planning list. We are also offering three free bike rides in the spring. The first bike ride we’re going to give away free bikes to any girl who does not have a bike and pre-registered specifying that she needs a bike. That information will be posted on our Ladies First Facebook page later today.

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