Lincoln High School

Getting in the Holiday Spirit



Ladies decorated a Gingerbread Girl & created s’mores to go for friends and family!

How Can We Handle Negative Friendships?

What can we do to effectively handle friend problems?
– Talk to the friends you have problems with and tell them how you feel.
– Invite your friends to your house or to a movie to create a stronger friendship.
– Is it time to find new friends? Get to know someone you don’t know- they might become your new eat friend.
– Join a club, like Ladies First, or try out for a sport – these are great ways to make new friends.
(New Moon Girls curriculum)

Our ladies also discussed how we can be good friends.
– Do what you would want them to do for you.
– Call your friends and chat about your day, or the great book you just read.
– Make friendship bracelets and give then to your friends for their birthday.
– Ask your friends how they are doing!
– Make time for your friends and the will appreciate your friendship.
(New Moon Girls)

The Assumptions Game

What types of things do you assume about another woman when you first meet her? Here’s what our ladies thought about us at first glance.

We enjoy this exercise because how often do you get to say the very first things that come to mind about another woman and have that woman breakdown each and every assumption, politely and with much laughter?


(Journal Entry) What are the 3 most stressful things in you worry about in your life right now?

Our ladies shared their entries and thought critically about the relationship between their current stresses and provided Affirmation Cards.

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