Community Engagement

First Creek Middle School


First Creek Middle School was the launch location of the Ladies First Program.  We went through a questionnaire and selection process to sign up ladies for our program.  We had a total of 45 young ladies total and 45 on our waiting list. They were selected based on their interest in the program, their goal to be a leader and a role model for others, and their ability to connect with young ladies outside of their normal group of friends.

It was the goal of each facilitator to have the ladies take ownership and feel excited about coming to weekly sessions.  From this hope T’wina Franklin and Tasha Ina Church allowed the girls who became members to pick out their own title for their group.  After the first session, the consensus was to be called “Girls Only”.  As Miss Franklin and Miss Church expand their program into multiple schools the youth in their program will have the ability to take this same ownership and choose their own name for each school.  If you are interested in having the Ladies First Program at your school please contact Ladies First at:

2 thoughts on “First Creek Middle School

    1. Marisa, we are very excited to have you in our program! Thank you for signing up. Did you submit your application to the Eagle Center? If so, yay!! If not, please do so by the deadline Monday.

      Ladies First is an incredible group. You will truly enjoy the experience. See you next week.

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