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Ladies First Community Partners

Below is a list of our community partners who have shown love, support, donated their time, volunteered in several different capacity, and built bridges for our girls into the broader community:

VeloFemmes ~ A group of women who have come together with the goal of sharing a love of bicycles and inspiring other women to ride bikes.

Bikes for Kids ~ Bikes for Kids provides bikes to homeless or low-income kids who do not have bikes.

Puyallup Watershed Initiative ~ This initiative is a 10-year effort focused on building resilient communities, one with potential for communities everywhere.

Fund for Women and Girls ~ The Fund has played an important role in our community by ensuring women and girls are supported and given the tools they need to succeed.

Northwest Leadership Foundation ~ Northwest Leadership Foundation exists to encourage, strengthen, and develop leadership for the spiritual and social renewal of the city. 

Tacoma Public Schools ~ Ladies First partners to deliver programming at multiple sites within the Tacoma School District.

Carol Milgard Foundation ~ This is the first year of our partnership, delivering Ladies First in Health to female youth on the East side of Tacoma.

College Success Foundation ~ College Success has two annual events; The Hero Institute and The Make it Happen Camp.  At these events Ladies First Co-Founders Tasha Ina Church and T’wina Franklin deliver workshops for female participants.

Foundation for Tacoma Student’s Graduate Tacoma ~ In collaboration with Graduate Tacoma’s efforts, Ladies First shares data from our programming with The Foundation for Tacoma Students to better evaluate the needs of youth in Tacoma.

The Grand Cinema ~ This non-profit cinema has offered wonderful opportunities to our young ladies, giving them the inside scoop on films targeting women and girls.  They have invited us to several in-depth discussions and allowed our girls to participate in some pretty epic films!

Race and Pedagogy Initiative ~ This initiative is through The University of Puget Sound and gives access to education on race and equity issues.  Ladies First has been on the Youth Planning Committee for their National Conference.

Remann Hall Diversion Program ~ We want to help ladies from all walks of life.  This partnership has allowed us to connect with young women struggling in some form or fashion.  By appearing at Ladies First as a diversion, the young lady is able to take responsibility for her actions without obtaining a criminal record. After participating in diversion, the youth may truthfully say that they have not been convicted of a crime.

Rosemary Borland Photography ~ Photography is an art and Rosemary Borland offered a wonderful gift, Senior Photos to our Ladies First girls.  Thank you for giving back!

University of Washington ~ in 2014 Ladies First partnered with UW Tacoma to put on a Prom Dress Giveaway available for all female seniors attending prom.  This helped youth to have access to resources and offered relief to those who needed aid.

Tacoma PTA ~ in May of 2014 Ladies First received the Golden Acorn Award recognizing the work that has been put into aiding women and girls in the Tacoma community.  We have also received volunteers from Tacoma PTA delivering workshops to our youth.

Tacoma Urban League ~ in August of 2014 Ladies First Partnered with Tacoma Urban League to kick off their Girls with Purpose program.

Vibrant Schools Tacoma ~ from 2013 through the present date Ladies First has been a member of Vibrant Schools.  We believe it is important to aid youth of color and youth impacted by poverty.

WILLO ~ Ladies First are founding members of WILLO (Women’s Intergenerational Living Legacy Organization), a non-profit dedicated to connecting communities and inspiring youth.  WILLO celebrates the lives of local women and girls.

YMCA ~ YMCA Eagle Center offers support to after school programs, allowing for Ladies First to connect with other community partners and delivers aid in program evaluations, sign-up and coordination.

 This list will be adjusted regularly.

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