What's New with T'wina

Founder, T’wina Franklin, 2016 University of Puget Sound Alumni Award Recipient

Each year, the Puget Sound Alumni Council honors a group of alumni for their personal achievements and service. This year’s award recipients will be honored during Summer Reunion Weekend, June 10-12, 2016, when classes ending in 1 and 6 will celebrate their milestone reunions.

Saturday, June 11th, T’wina Franklin will receive the Young Logger Award which is presented to a recent graduate (or current student) whose contributions have resulted in programming that inspires young Loggers to engage more deeply in the rich alumni traditions and spirit of Puget Sound.

Please attend dinner and award presentations at University of Puget Sound, June 11th, 5:30pm. #alwaysalogger

(Source: PugetSound.edu)

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