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2022 T’wina Nobles Young Professionals Scholarship

BIG NEWS this year!!! ♥️ Pierce College has joined our scholarship family. This is such a wonderful opportunity to increase our investment in the education of students attending our local colleges.

In the spirit of the National Urban League Young Professionals, this scholarship is intended to help prepare a new generation of young leaders to take the mantle of leadership of the civil rights movement and will be awarded to a student of color enrolled at Clover Park Technical College (CPTC), Tacoma Community College (TCC), and Pierce College between the ages of 20-40, and interested in taking an active leadership role in their local community.

Starting this year, six students will be awarded each school year – two students per institution. Scholarships are $2500. Some institutions provide a matching scholarship.

If you are a student at one of the above mentioned higher education institutions, please check with your financial aid/scholarships office for more details on how to apply.

2022 Recipients:

  • Kyung Shim – Pierce College
  • Brenda Rodriquez – Pierce College
  • Amber Hall – TCC
  • Devin Williams – TCC
  • LaTeefah Johnson – CPTC
  • Ariana Stephenson – CPTC

2021 Recipients:

2020 Recipients:

  • Cellestial Pendergrass – TCC
  • Deanna George – TCC
  • Macey Patterson – CPTC
  • Athena Dunn – CPTC

2019 Recipients:

  • Josue Torres – CPTC
  • Glenevea Paul-Penny – CPTC
  • Alisha Wood – TCC
  • Dwon Jackson – TCC

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