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Spring Vacation: San Francisco

Ok, y’all!!! I totally planned a vacation to San Francisco for the family to kick-off Spring Break 2022. Not a work trip plus family…just pure vacay.

Here’s the skinny, like all of you, I work a lot. Many of you ask how I get it all done. Here’s the secret, I am very intentional about rest, slowing down and enjoying life. I like to have fun. Lots of it. ♥️ And I love to travel. Of course I enjoy time and travel by myself, with my friends, and other adults. I also enjoy traveling and making memories with my sweet family.

Often people make jokes because I work multiple jobs. It’s not because I want to necessarily. I have found it beneficial to have multiple streams of income so we can do more than just survive in this “unreasonably priced” country, and also so I can save a little money to travel.

This trip was special because we went the extra mile to explore San Francisco using nearly every mode of transportation…talk about planes, trains, and automobiles. We rented a car, but only used it a few times. We traveled by trolley/cable car, light rail, train, ferry, scooter, and the good ol’ one foot in front of the other.

The list/image above describes our trip itinerary highlights, but there may be extra pictures or videos from other experiences in the city.

I still need to add our 2021 summer vacation photos to the blog, but in the meantime, I hope you all enjoy our recent family trip to San Francisco. Aye, Bay Bay!! 😍

Golden Gate Bridge

Train to Oakland

Ferry & Light Rail

Breakfast Time

The Art of the Brick Exhibit

Scooters, Burgers, and a Movie

Brunch at Mels Diner

Stroll of the City & SF MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)

Trolley/Cable Car Experience

Crooked Lombard Street

Fisherman’s Wharf + Pier 39

Transportation Souvenirs + More

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