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Paradise Valley Girls Trip

At this very moment, my life is in a beautiful season of transitions.

I have given what past seasons required and so many things are now coming to an end. Some of those changes made me smile and some have made me cry. Leaving the Tacoma Urban League is by far one of the most difficult professional transitions. Initially, the thought of leaving completely broke my heart. 💔 While I’ll stay on as CEO until a new CEO is hired and trained, the end is near, y’all! I’ve come to terms with the end of this amazing and transformational experience. I’ll always be an Urban Leaguer.

On the bright side, new beginnings have already started.

My new career has officially launched. I started my new job this week. Yes, that means I temporarily have three jobs. I am excited to make a formal announcement soon, but this means an even greater focus on my “balance,” self-care, and boundaries. I’ll be saying NO quite a bit the next few months.

I’ll also be intentional about enjoying all that life has to offer. So many new places to travel are booked. New ideas. New people to meet. New speaking engagements. New books to read. New adventures & opportunities. New things to fall in love with.

🌺 And I needed this trip and time away with the girls. Women, really. Eight of us. I needed the sun. The peace & quiet. The pool. The laughter. I needed the pause, one good beat, before these transitions fully settle in.

Thank you to my incredible friends for holding a safe space for us to retreat, recommit to friendship, reconnect, and rest. Here’s to growing smarter, kinder, and wiser together.

One thought on “Paradise Valley Girls Trip

  1. Wow! That sounds incredible and incredibly challenging. Good for you and thank you for reminding us about self care. You’re a champion and I am a fan of your story (especially being able to see how well you’ve been writing it)!

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